Month: December 2015

Reptile Supplies

For those of you just getting started, I hope this reptile supplies page can assist you as much as possible in getting all the right supplies for your ball python(s) or other reptiles for that matter. These products are not necessarily in order of priority. Digital Thermometer Having a digital thermometer is an absolute must …

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Ball Python

General Information – Ball pythons are in the family Pythonidae. They’re know as constrictors because they use constriction to subdue their prey, this consists of them biting the head area of a prey item and wrapping 2 or 3 coils around the animal and squeezing until the prey item is no longer responsive. For the remainder of this article …

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Spider Ball Pyton Albino Ball Python Bumblebee (Spider x Pastel) Lesser ball Python Pastel Ball Python Queenbee = Spider x Lesser x Pastel I just hatched this little guy from breeding a pastel/leopard to a pastel. He’s a Super Pastel Leopard Pastel Clown designer ball python These are some awesome images on ball python morphs. …

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