Spider Ball Pyton


Albino Ball Python


Bumblebee (Spider x Pastel)


Lesser ball Python


Pastel Ball Python


Queenbee = Spider x Lesser x Pastel


I just hatched this little guy from breeding a pastel/leopard to a pastel. He’s a Super Pastel Leopard


Pastel Clown designer ball python

These are some awesome images on ball python morphs. Starting at the top left if a spider ball python. Spider balls are great feeding, great breeding animals that make some of the best combos in the business.

Next up is the albino ball python. Although, albino ball pythons were one of the first ball python morphs in the reptile breeding industry they are still one of the most in demand reptiles on the planet. It makes perfect sense you get a cool colored animal in a small manageable size, unlike in the past when you wanted a cool albino python you had to go with an albino Burmese because those were just about the only albino pythons on the market.

Third picture down you have the bumblebee spider ball python. As far as basic combos go, nothing beats a bumblebee ball python. The color and contrast are just unreal.

Underneath that first picture we have a lesser ball python. The lesser ball python is a product of Ralph Davis’s creation. Ralph produced these guys from breeding a platinum aka “platty” to a group of normal ball pythons which produced animals that looked almost as good as “platty daddy” but not quite as good so Ralph named them “lesser ball pythons” because they were “lesser” looking then the father which was a platinum. To this day the lesser gene is one of the best base morph genes to work with and still makes some of the sickest combos.

Next over from the lesser is a simple pastel ball python. Pastels were first imported by a Florida breeder named Greg Graziani. Greg did amazing things with the pastel gene and brought it to market as the single most powerful gene in the designer ball python game. The pastel gene makes everything thing it’s combined with even better. Greg did an awesome job with this project.

Last but not least is the Queenbee (Pastel x Spider x Lesser) which is one of the first triple gene ball pythons to ever hit the ball python breeding game. Kevin McCurly of the New England Reptile Distribution aka NERD. Kevin produced this masterpiece for the first time in 2005 and it was light years ahead of it’s time. Queenbees are extremely powerful breeders as everything they touch has the potention to produce all variations of the three genes involved.

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Andrew woods
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