Month: January 2016

Shedding Issues

I often get asked questions regarding issues with ball pythons shedding. This is a relatively common problem for new keepers as it relates directly to husbandry. Shedding problems only occur when your ball python is kept in an enclosure where the humidity is too low. Anything below 60% humidity is too low. I keep mine a bit on the …

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Spider Ball Python

The Spider morph gene is a base morph mutation brought to market by Kevin McCurley of the New England Reptile Distribution aka NERD. It’s a base morph mutation meaning it’s a single gene morph that used to make several of the founding designer ball pythons (designer meaning multi gene) ever produced. This mutation is in my …

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Ball Python Caging

When it comes to caging for your ball python you’ve got a few options to consider depending on what size ball python you have and what your particular goals are. If you’re looking to keep a single ball python as a display animal then I’d suggest getting some type of plastic cage designed specifically for reptiles. If you’re looking …

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Ball Python Breeders

There are several ball python breeders producing excellent quality ball pythons these days. Some of the not so great breeders share common characteristics just like some of best ball python breeders in the world share some very common characteristics for example customer service and marketing ability. For this article we’ll be talking about what it …

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Stubborn Breeders

As simple as many breeding recipes seem, getting your ball pythons to actually “lock up” can sometimes be tricky. In my experience, the vast majority of the time, properly cycled animals with good body weight will generally copulate when introduced. Although, it is usually the one big project that you are really excited about that …

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